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208 Management (208MGMT) is the number one model management agency in the DMV Market expanding to be a prominent contender in the major international and domestic markets in the coming years. 208 Management is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Founded by Tyrone “Syranno” Wilkens (pronounced Seer- Ah- Know) in late 2019, 208MGMT was created to offer two key resources: an outlet for talent from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) markets that introduces industry-standard concepts not previously adapted to the area. As well as an agency that specializes in the developmental growth, placement, and representation of models of color. We are not exclusionary however, 208MGMT is the antithesis of the traditionally curated model board, 85% of the talent on our boards are models of color. 

208MGMT proudly stands behind the personal growth of every model represented, embracing the individuality of each model to shine both independently and as a unified front. While simultaneously equipping each model with the tools and knowledge to become strong individual brands inside and outside of the modeling industry. 208MGMT respectively services the NYC, LA, DALLAS and DMV markets. 

Syranno has more than a decade worth of industry knowledge transitioning from fashion photography to model representation. Growing up in a time where supermodels and models were the true stars of the industry. He aims to bring that era back by helping models regain not only their strength, but their foothold in this industry. 

208MGMT puts full support behind our clients and the vision that our clients have put in motion for their brand growth and expansion. WE ARE YOUR TRUSTED AGENCY for professionally trained and dedicated models who look to bring your brand identity to the forefront.  

We have to stop treating models as if they are expendable, they are assets, not liabilities and should be treated as such ” 


-Syranno Wilkens

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